Spring, summer, fall, winter.

Morning, noon, evening.

Years, decades, centuries.

Life is full of seasons and cycles. Some, like those listed above, are unavoidable and just part of life. However, life is also filled with other seasons and cycles that we create, some healthy, some not.

The Old Testament book of Judges is a book of cycles. Here’s how it typically played out:

  • Israel plunges into rebellion and sin.
  • They cry out to God to save them.
  • God mercifully raises up a deliverer (“judge”).
  • Israel serves God as long as the judge is alive.

Then the cycle repeats. For hundreds of years. That’s the book of Judges in a nutshell. It’s a chronological list of hundreds of years of unhealthy rhythms and cycles. In the middle of the unhealthy nationwide rhythms they created, many of the judges created healthy personal rhythms. Deborah was one of them. Let’s see what we can learn from her…


Judges 4:4 says Deborah was a prophetess and in Judges 4:6, she lays out the battle plans God has given her. She was evidently a woman of prayer.


In Judges 4:6, she tells Barak the battle plans she received from the Lord and in Judges 4:15, she receives God’s promised protection and provision during the battle.


Judges 5 is a victory song written and sung in the winner’s circle after Israel miraculously defeated Canaan. As the final blow wipes out the enemy, she bursts into worship!

Of all the rhythms and cycles we create for ourselves, Deborah models a very healthy one for us:

Step 1: Pray – Take everything to the Lord.

Step 2: Receive – Accept and embrace God’s answer, whether you like the answer or not.

Step 3: Praise – Thank Him for His response and answer.

Step 4: Repeat – Never stop doing steps 1-3.

A life lived praying, receiving, and praising on repeat is a life well-lived. Thank God that He listens and intervenes! What a gracious God we serve.