Sometimes I check in on the top 100 songs on Spotify just to see what our culture is listening to these days. Then I remember why I don’t do that very often. When the lyrics aren’t outright ridiculous or meaningless, they’re often sickening. But the reality is that the lyrics of our songs are the evidence of what’s in our hearts.

I read some refreshingly good lyrics recently in Judges 5 that grabbed my attention…

“That the leaders took the lead in Israel,

that the people offered themselves willingly,

bless the Lord!”

Judges 5:2 ESV

3 things stood out to me about the opening lines of Deborah and Barak’s chapter-long song:

That the leaders took the lead…

Sometimes we take for granted the value of strong leaders who take the lead. Christian leaders walk by faith, walk in integrity, and humbly serve others. You are a leader in one capacity or another, so take the lead!

…that the people offered themselves willingly…

This song comes on the heels of a God-given victory against Israel’s enemy. The only way they pulled it off was an army of people who willingly offered themselves to do their part. Some prayed, some fought, some strategized…but everyone did their part, and that’s the point. We can do exponentially more together than we ever could alone!

…bless the Lord!

When Deborah and Barak saw the leaders leading and the people serving, it was a cause for worshiping! Too many times when things go well, we are quick to celebrate with others, update our social media, and treat ourselves, but we are slow to worship. Remember that God is the giver of all good things (James 1:17), so let worship be your first response, not an add-on after the party!