Sizzling fajitas…

Freshly ground coffee…

Triple chocolate brownies…

They all come with their own aroma that fills your home and makes your taste buds water.

I’ve been reminded of that aroma recently as I am reading through Leviticus. Although it can be a challenging book of the Bible to tackle, I believe 2 Timothy 3:16 that “ALL Scripture is God-breathed.” Yes, that includes Leviticus. It’s there on purpose for a purpose.

The opening chapters of Leviticus are detailing the Old Testament sacrificial system: which kind of animals were sacrificed, how often, and even the method of the sacrifice. After God details each one, He mentions that they are “a sweet smelling aroma” to Him.

Although our New Testament worship system is much different than our Levitical roots, when we come to God on His terms, our worship is also a sweet smelling aroma.

I’m learning a lot about worship so far in just the first few chapters of Leviticus:

Sweet-smelling worship is costly.

The sacrificial animal had to be the first and the best. God regularly reminds them to present an animal “without blemish.” Later in 2 Chronicles when someone tried to pick up the tab for King David’s sacrifice, he refused it. He said he would not offer to God that which cost him nothing. If there’s no sacrifice or cost with our worship, what is it really worth?

Sweet-smelling worship is selfless.

So much of the Levitical worship system was based around reminding the people of God’s holiness and their spiritual bankruptcy. Their sin – even accidental sin – earned death. There was no room for selfishness at the altar. The same is true today. Stay humble and hungry for God’s grace.

Sweet-smelling worship is God-centered.

God wasn’t into this whole thing about “worshiping on your own terms in your own way.” He was detailed and specific. Although today’s system is much looser than it was, we still come to God on His terms, not ours.

Costly, selfless, God-centered worship is a sweet smelling aroma to God!