Escape games, murder mystery dinners, a jewelry heist, binge-worthy Netflix thrillers… Everywhere you turn, there’s something new to solve. My daughter even bought into the hype and purchased the game Clue (by the way, it was Professor Plum with a dagger in the Billiard Room).


We love a good mystery. There’s something intriguing to the idea of not knowing what’s next and putting our skills and wit to the test, trying to figure that out.


Although planting a church can feel a bit like a “who stabbed who” mystery, and although it is often a step of faith into the dark, following God was never meant to be a scavenger hunt!


I don’t believe God’s will is something He wants us constantly searching for; it’s something He wants us constantly living in. We’ve over complicated it, as we tend to do.


As you walk by faith, following God into your calling (whether it’s regarding school, work, family, church planting, or whatever), I want to give you three words that will empower you to live in God’s will instead of having to search for it.



A prayerful life is a conversational life. It’s a life that is constantly diving deeper into a relationship with God through deep, consistent conversations with Him. This means consistently asking God what He wants and telling Him what you need as you go.


In the church planting world, this means prayerfully considering every decision: where you’re planting, who you’re empowering, how your team and church are going to run, and all of the other thousands of details you’ll need to consider along the way. If you are consistent with asking, you can rest assured God will be consistent with answering!



Of these three words, this may be the most overlooked. We understand the need to be prayerful, and especially when it’s hard, we’re available for the next assignment, but there’s a big need for us to be faithful right where we are. Church planting will be filled with many seasons that are not easy, but you are called to be faithful in any way. This is why Paul reminds Timothy to preach the word in season and out of season (2 Timothy 4) and why he compares the work of ministry to the hard work and faithfulness of a soldier, a farmer, and an athlete (2 Timothy 2). Don’t give up. Stay faithful. God honors faithfulness.



Staying available to God isn’t just about moving onto something new when your church or youth group isn’t growing, it’s about being open-handed with everything God has given you. Availability is also about trusting God when He calls you to step into something really hard: a tough conversation, a challenging decision, or a blind step of faith.


Living a life that is available to God means presenting your life, family, and ministry to God every day and telling Him, “God, do what you want in us and through us. We are yours.”


Stop over complicating God’s will. If you’ll live a life that is prayerful, faithful, and available, you’ll no longer have to search for God’s will, you’ll be living directly in it!



K E V I N • M I L L E R

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