Like it or hate it, resources are required to reach people. So where does the money come from? Good question. Here are a few things I’ve learned about church planting funding…


Be faithful now so you’ll be ready later.

I remember going to lunch with a guy about a month or so before we moved to Clarksville, and he asked me how we had been preparing for the expenses of this cross-country move. We hadn’t really been preparing. Then again, maybe we had. Let me explain:

Since the beginning of our marriage, Jenn and I have tried to be diligent with our finances, not live in debt, and steward what we have wisely. Without knowing it, we were preparing to plant a church. Since we were faithful early on, we could step by faith when God led us to.

I have friends who wish they could launch out and follow the leading of the Lord on their lives, but they’ve made such poor financial decisions in the past that they can’t move forward in the future.


Don’t be stupid, but don’t be too cautious.

I regularly feel like I’m walking the line between “faith” and “stupid.” Maybe you can relate! Walking by faith doesn’t mean being stupid with your finances, but you also shouldn’t be overly cautious. The only reason faith is safe is because of Who you’re trusting. Otherwise, it’s not safe; it’s stepping into the unknown. Don’t let caution rob you of the opportunity to see God provide miraculously.


Don’t assume people know there’s a need.

We’ve experienced some incredible generosity throughout the years when we’ve told people there’s a need. Especially when you’re launching, but plenty of times throughout the life of the church, don’t be afraid to spell out the needs, list prices, and cast vision, inviting people to join the cause. You’ll be surprised how many people are waiting for an invitation to give! Be wise with the finances, budget well, and make sure you have someone handling the money that knows what they’re doing.


God has ways of taking care of you that you’ve never thought of.

Case in point: Elijah once woke up to an angel tapping him on the shoulder, holding a cake. He ate the cake and it gave him energy for forty days. Another time, God had ravens deliver food to Elijah, like the Biblical form of Uber Eats!

God began funding our cross-country move before we knew there was a cross-country move (or any kind of move for that matter) ahead of us. Once we arrived in Clarksville, there were times where checks randomly showed up in the mail, people gave us cash, or once, extra money mysteriously appeared in our account without a trace. At times, I worked multiple jobs to make ends meet, and God always blessed our efforts and faithfulness.


Resources are required to reach people.

Be bold.

Be honest.

Be filled with vision and faith.

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