I’ve done a few personality tests over the years, helping me determine how I’m wired and how I work (I’m an INTJ for anyone who knows what that means). One test I took recently was regarding empathy. Let’s just say I rate low on the empathy scale! I’ve known that about myself, but it was interesting to see the official results. Although there are some areas of weakness I can and should delegate to others, encouragement is not one of them. If only I could tell my assistant to find someone to encourage on my behalf!

I’m not sure which personality the Apostle Paul was and I don’t know where he rated on the empathy scale, but what I do know is that he was great at encouraging.The end of 1 Corinthians is a good example as he mentions people by name and instructs the church to “give recognition to such people.”

I recently wrote about the Bible’s command to encourage each other as long as it’s called “today.” In other words, we should be encouraging others daily. So in an effort to overcome my natural tendency to not encourage, I’ve had to get strategic. One way I’ve done that recently is by setting a reminder on my phone. Every day a reminder pops up on my iPhone that reminds me to “encourage someone today!” I take a minute to think through who I could encourage, then in a quick email, text, or phone call, I do just that.

You may use your phone to remind you, or you may choose a post-it note or some other visual reminder. How you do it doesn’t matter; that you do it does.


K E V I N • M I L L E R

Feel free to  to pass this on to someone who could use some encouragement!

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