I’m sure you’ve heard of “Foot In Mouth syndrome,” and I’m sure you’ve felt the humiliation of it before. One of Jesus’ disciples, Peter, was known for it. He was constantly saying and doing things he shouldn’t, getting himself in trouble, and sometimes even severely rebuked (see Matthew 16:23). I imagine you can relate!

Thankfully Proverbs holds the cure to Foot In Mouth:

“If you have been foolish, exalting yourself, or if you have been devising evil, put your hand on your mouth.”

Proverbs 30:32 (ESV)

Sometimes, the cure is more than just “think before you speak.” Sometimes, the cure is “don’t talk at all.” I know I could use this wisdom much more often.

Job had a similar experience when he began questioning God. His reply after a few rounds of questioning from God was “I lay my hand on my mouth” (Job 40:4).

The cure for Foot In Mouth is Hand On Mouth. Let’s be intentional with listening a lot more and talking a lot less. We’ll learn, we’ll listen, and we’ll honor God in our silence.


K E V I N • M I L L E R

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