Maybe you’ve faced the challenge of planning a party and feeling obligated to invite someone you didn’t want to invite. Don’t pretend like you don’t know what I’m talking about!

Amazingly, in God’s great grace, He’s extended the invitation for forgiveness and eternal life in heaven to every single human being — even the worst of the worst!

A great example of His all-inclusive nature is found in Acts 9 and 10. Jesus shows up to Saul, (who was ravaging the church, persecuting and killing Christians), and tells him God has a purpose for his life. A chapter later, God breaks all the Jewish ritualistic laws and opens the door of salvation to all the non-Jews (Gentiles).

God’s merciful invitations are shocking enough, but what I love even more is that God just initiates the work, then calls on some people to finish the job. In Saul’s case, God sends Ananias to pray for Saul to receive his sight (physically and spiritually). In the case of the Gentiles, God sends Peter as His messenger, and as Peter preaches, the Holy Spirit falls on those present.

Although God could do the work of evangelism far better and quicker than we can, we are His present messengers of choice. Jesus could come down, angels could be deployed, but instead, He chose us to be His messengers of mercy! Let that sink in for a moment. What an honor.

That should highlight the high honor of our role as His messengers as well as the urgency we should have in spreading the best news ever shared – forgiveness and life through Jesus Christ! Don’t wait. Tell somebody!


K E V I N • M I L L E R

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