“Don’t shoot the messenger!”

You normally tell that to someone when you’re the innocent messenger, simply relaying the message. That phrase may work with family and friends, but the devil doesn’t play by those rules. He wants to take down the messenger, the message, and he even (temporarily) killed the One who is the Message, Jesus!

Jesus warned us of the battle that would come. He told the disciples in Mark 13:13 that they’d be hated by the world because of Him. Translation: “Buckle up. Being My witnesses won’t be easy.”

In Acts 1:8, Jesus laid out His expansion plan for the church: Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and the ends of the earth. As the church began living that out, the persecution in Acts 8:1 began.

When you live out Acts 1:8, you should expect Acts 8:1.

Persecution is a package deal with the Great Commission.

Thank God for the boldness of those in the early church who were scattered and preached the gospel (Acts 8:4). We are here today because of their boldness and willingness to take the gospel outside of their area. In fact, Philip’s willingness to go to a deserted road heading to Gaza (see Acts 8) led to the salvation of an Ethiopian eunuch. Interestingly, Coptic Christians, who are persecuted severely in Egypt to this day (21 were beheaded on a viral propaganda film from ISIS just a couple years ago), trace their lineage back to the Ethiopian in Acts 8!

Satan is a defeated foe, but he’s a foe nonetheless. He’s going down, but not without a fight. Expect the battle.

Embrace the battle.

Walk in confidence.

God is with you, and when He’s commanded something, He enables us to do it!

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