No, 1980s Kirk Cameron fans, this post has nothing to do with the sitcom…but it has everything to do with a 2,000-year old growing church and the pains it experiences.

Acts 6 was a pivotal moment for the early church. What began as 120 Christians in an upper room exploded into 3,000 after the first sermon, and it has been growing every day since. Contrary to some current headlines, the Church is not dead – it’s alive and kicking, as Jesus promised!

Growing hurts, and from the inception of the church to its global and local branches today, growth and the pain it brings should be expected and embraced.

Acts 6 was a pivotal growth point in the early church, where we learn a few main things…

Proclaiming the Gospel must remain our priority.

There are many things the church can do, but one thing the church must do: preach Jesus. In Acts 6, the leaders made the wise decision not to allow other things to distract them from prayer and the ministry of the word. They weren’t down-playing other serving roles, they were heightening the importance of everyone filling their role in the church body. Are you fulfilling your role at your church?

Since conflict is inevitable, unity must be intentional.

Conflict happens, but unity never just happens. Instead of fighting against each other, we have to learn to fight alongside each other, with the understanding that we are not the enemy – the devil is! Wherever you find unified Christians in community with each other, you’ll learn it’s the result of work, patience, forgiveness, and intentionality.

Whatever local church you are involved in, these principles apply to your church corporately and you individually.

  1. Keep the main thing the main thing. Focus on Jesus and ministering to people in their mess, not arguing over ancillary issues.
  2. Fight hard to stay unified. It’s worth the blood, sweat, and tears.
  3. Fulfill your role. Every role that supports the goal matters – big or small!

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