Today, in honor of Good Friday, I wanted to share an excerpt from a book called “The Day I Was Crucified”. In this book, author Gene Edwards shares the crucifixion scene as told through the eyes of Jesus. It’s a must-read for me every year as I prepare my heart for Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

Here are some of my favorite parts…

Deep within me I silently cried out, “Oh, My Father, what is about to happen, do not let it be hindered by my will.”

As one soldier pressed my wrist, another steadied the nail. Then came the dull thud of a hammer smashing the nail as it ripped through my wrist. Blood spurted upon the swearing soldiers, across my arms and upon my face.

As silently as a lamb being led to slaughter, I uttered not a word.

“He is not resisting. This is a sight I have never seen.”

Once more I felt the soldier probing my other wrist.

Then again came the sound of tearing flesh and sinews. Once more my blood spewed all over the Roman guards.

The wails of the two now-crucified thieves continued to fill the air, as did their curses against man and God.

“Shut up, thief!” called out one of the soldiers. “Be content that you are about to die with God.”

Both my hands were now fastened firmly to the crossbeam. Now it was time to hoist me up to the tree.

“Steady the ladders,” someone said.

They began pulling the crossbeam upward. For a long unbearable moment I was suspended in air. Finally the cross was tied to the tree.

To be certain the nails in my wrist would hold, they took rope and tied my arms, and then they tied the crossbeam to the tree. I felt two soldiers grab my feet, pressing both legs together, heel on top of heel.

“Hand me that longest nail and the hammer.”

I felt the spike being pressed against my ankles.

“You will scream this time, prophet,” growled one of the soldiers.

The nail was slammed repeatedly as it gradually ripped my flesh, through one heel, then the other, on its way to the tree.

I moaned quietly.

My legs were then tied to the tree.

I was now the brazen serpent lifted up to cure all mankind.

Only eyes which can see that which cannot be seen could know the drama that next began unfolding on the hill. Time ceased its onward march. Mass, space, and time came to a halt. I was now looking into the gathering of creatures that man’s eyes cannot see.

The cloud over Golgotha grew thicker and more foreboding.

Everywhere, pictures, types, and symbols surrounded me. The Passover, the temple, the lamb—all had been but shadows of me. The gathering darkness made clear that the shadows, types, and symbols were about to find their fulfillment.

As death wrapped himself about me, to snuff out the last ember of my life, I whispered to Death, “You are not death. Is there not one greater than you?”

“None,” frothed Death.

“Is there not one who can put Death to death?”

“There is no such a one!” screamed Death.

“Not true,” I replied. “You have for so long called yourself Death, but I was here long before you. I tell you now what you did not know then. I am disguised. You, Death, are but a shadow. You are not death at all. You are but a picture of me. No, Death, you are not death at all. I am life, it is true, but I also am the one who is true death. And at this last moment, I am death to you.”

“Oh, Death, be now surprised. One is greater than all your vaunted claims. The one who can kill Death is death indeed. Today I kill you, Death. You thought you came for me, but it is I who came for you!”

“Then, when Death be dead, then shall Sin also be dead, along with the principalities, the world, Adam’s race, and the law. As Death dies, the law will be forever dead. When Death is dead, creation meets its end. And if Death be dead, then who shall hold the graves? There will be life for all who were once your prey.”

“Death, hear me, there will be only one who inhabits the domain of the dead! That shall be you.”

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