There have been some massive court trials throughout history, but none as pivotal as Jesus’ trials. Although Jesus was tried 2,000 years ago, in a way, He’s still on trial in our minds and hearts today. Every person has to come to a verdict about what they will do with Jesus. The crowds and people Jesus faced give us some examples of how people respond to Jesus. See if you can find yourself in any of these personalities…

THE JEWS: Unmet Expectations

The Jews didn’t hate Jesus’ good works; they hated that He didn’t do them how they said He should. They had preconceived plans for the Messiah that He didn’t meet. Will you trust God when He doesn’t meet your expectations? What if His timeline or plan are different than yours?

HEROD: Purely Entertainment

Luke 23:8 says Heord was excited to see Jesus because “he was hoping to see some sign done by Him.” Some people only want to come to God because of what He can offer them. They treat Jesus like a genie, granting wishes for money and health.

PILATE: Overpowered by Opinions

Mark 15 says Pilate condemned Jesus because he wanted to satisfy the crowds, and Luke 23 states that as the crowd screamed for Jesus’ crucifixion, “their voices prevailed.” For many people, they see the truth about Jesus, but they allow the wrong voices to prevail in their lives.

What you do with Jesus is the most important decision you will ever make. It changes how you live on earth and where you’ll spend eternity.


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