You remember word scrambles, right? Try this one: EVILSKARCLL.
Good work. Clarksville.
Word scrambles used to keep me busy for a long time as we waited (impatiently) for dinner to arrive at a restaurant.

As we grow older, we stop doing word scrambles, but often our lives feel scrambled in their own ways. Money, relationships, kids, plans, the future…

Here’s a thought: maybe you’re scrambled because you have the letters scrambled.

We tend to focus on H-O-W when we should be focused on W-H-O.

We prefer to know the details of HOW instead of focusing on WHO gave the command.

Think about it… Since faith means believing even though it can’t be seen, it naturally feels illogical. Illogical is uncomfortable, and we like comfort. Just read through Hebrews 11. You’ll read about a bunch of people who did some illogical things because they stepped out in faith, not in logic…

It’s illogical to…

  • Building a boat to save your family and the entire species of animals from a worldwide flood (Noah – Hebrews 11:7).
  • Begin preparing for a baby when you’re 100 years old and your wife is can’t have kids (Abraham & Sarah – Hebrews 11:11).
  • Sacrifice your son that God promised to you and miraculously provided for you (Abraham – Hebrews 11:17).
  • Reject the riches of the palace in order to suffer with God’s people (Moses – Hebrews 11:24-25).
  • Walk around a city’s walls for a week, then yell loudly, expecting the walls to crumble (Joshua – Hebrews 11:30).

I think you get the point. Faith, by definition, is illogical.

That doesn’t mean we should do stupid, crazy things simply in the name of faith. But if God is leading, it would be stupid and crazy not to obey!

So rest in this: You don’t have to know HOW when you know WHO.
Unscramble those letters and your life will feel a lot less scrambled.


K E V I N • M I L L E R

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