In the Upper Room, Jesus told His disciples they would all abandon Him. Of course they were shocked, and pledged their to-the-death loyalty to Him. However, just a few hours later, Jesus was arrested, and the disciples were nowhere to be found…most of them anyway. The Gospel of John tells us that John and Peter followed Jesus.

Mark describes the scene by saying Peter “followed him at a distance, right into the courtyard of the high priest. And he was sitting with the guards and warming himself at the fire.

We love to hate on Peter, but come on. He followed Jesus into the very courtyard where His illegal, overnight trial was taking place! But there’s a problem.

Peter followed at a distance. He wanted near the action, but from a safe distance, where he wouldn’t get hurt.

Peter was sitting with the guards. The language describes him trying to act like one of the guys.

Those two things are what led to Peter’s inevitable compromise, and what is currently leading to so much compromise within the Church.

Many people want to be around Jesus and around the things and people of Jesus, but they don’t want to identify with Jesus. It feels safer to be warming themselves by the fire and acting like they’re just another one of the guys.

Here’s the truth: Impact for Jesus only comes through proximity to Jesus.

We can’t make a difference by following Jesus at a distance. We have to be willing to stay close to Him, no matter what difficulties or pain may come our way.

Ironically, being a “safe” distance from Jesus isn’t very safe at all!


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