Phoebe, Prisca, Epaenetus, Andronicus, Ampliatus, Aristobulus, Narcissus, Tryphaena…

Those are just some of the names Paul mentions in Romans 16 as he closes his letter to the Christians in Rome (Don’t worry – I can’t pronounce most of them either).

I love this list of seemingly random, hard-to-pronounce names because it reminds me that Paul, probably the best known and most influential Christian of all time, needed a team. He wouldn’t have had nearly the same reach, influence, or impact, on his own. He needed a cast and crew.

If Paul didn’t do ministry alone, we can’t either. The Church is most effective when we function well as a body, contributing our gifts, time, and talents.

For those of us in a leadership role: let’s take our cues from Paul. Go out of your way to acknowledge and honor those who are faithfully serving and advancing the mission. Paul’s ability to list their names and their roles on the team is a great example. It communicates that he cares about the ministry, his team, and what they’re doing.For those in the cast and crew: take your cues from Paul’s team. Your role – no matter how small or seemingly insignificant – is indispensable to work of the ministry and furtherance of the Gospel. Keep going!


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