Over the last two Mondays, I’ve been sharing some insights I learned from reading the Bible all the way through in thirty days. It was a lot of reading, and although I was scared it would become overwhelming, I ended up really enjoying it. Today I want to share some of my favorite parts of reading the Bible at that pace, as well as the Bible reading plan.

Soaking in the Psalms.

One of my favorite days reading through the Bible was Day 15 when I read Psalm 79-147. It was like I was swimming in worship and prayer. David, the sons of Asaph, Moses and more authors wrote the prayers and poems that compose the book of Psalms. Spending two hours soaking in those truths was amazing. I recommend spend a good portion of time periodically soaking in the waters of worship in Psalms.

Faithfulness in the midst of faithlessness.

One of the main recurring themes I saw repeated over and over again was God’s faithfulness in the midst of humanity’s faithlessness. I witnessed the covenants He made to Abraham and David, then how He revisited them as a reminder of His faithfulness. At times when we would have felt justified to break our promise, God continued His covenant. So many times in Kings and Chronicles, He would say something like, “Although you have rebelled, I will remember My covenant with David…” I’m so thankful for a God who remains faithful even when we are faithless!

If you feel like you’re up for the challenge, I’ve included the 30-day Bible reading plan below. Don’t wait until January 1 to start reading your Bible. Start today. Start now. “But what if the 30-day plan takes me 80 days or 150?” Great! You’ve read through the Bible! That’s what matters. I hope you learn the value of God’s Word and fall in love with it for the first time or all over again!

The Bible in 30 Days

  • Day 1: Genesis 1-41
  • Day 2: Genesis 42-Exodus 29
  • Day 3: Exodus 30-Leviticus 27
  • Day 4: Numbers 1-31
  • Day 5: Numbers 32-Deuteronomy 32
  • Day 6: Deuteronomy 33-Joshua-Judges 9
  • Day 7: Judges 10-Ruth-1 Samuel 22
  • Day 8: 1 Samuel 23-2 Samuel-1 Kings 1
  • Day 9: 1 Kings 2-2 Kings 8
  • Day 10: 2 Kings 9-1 Chronicles 20
  • Day 11: 1 Chronicles 21-2 Chronicles 33
  • Day 12: 2 Chronicles 34-Ezra-Nehemiah-Esther-Job 5
  • Day 13: Job 6-Psalms 18
  • Day 14: Psalms 19-78
  • Day 15: Psalms 79-147
  • Day 16: Psalms 148-Proverbs-Ecclesiastes 12
  • Day 17: Song of Solomon 1-Isaiah 34
  • Day 18: Isaiah 35-Jeremiah 3
  • Day 19: Jeremiah 4-36
  • Day 20: Jeremiah 37-Lamentations-Ezekiel 12
  • Day 21: Ezekiel 13-47
  • Day 22: Ezekiel 48-Daniel-Hosea-Joel-Amos 9
  • Day 23: Obadiah 1-Jonah-Micah-Nahum-Habakkuk-Zephaniah-Haggai-Zechariah-Malachi 4
  • Day 24: Matthew 1-Mark 5
  • Day 25: Mark 6-Luke 15
  • Day 26: Luke 16-John-Acts 2
  • Day 27: Acts 3-Romans 8
  • Day 28: Romans 9-1 Corinthians-2 Corinthians-Galatians-Ephesians 6
  • Day 29: Philippians 1-Colossians-1 Thessalonians-2 Thessalonians-1 Timothy-2 Timothy-Titus-Philemon-Hebrews-James-1 Peter 2
  • Day 30: 1 Peter 3-2 Peter-1 John-2 John-3 John-Jude-Revelation 22


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