Today marks one year of blogging for me. I’ve blogged off and on for years, but last February, I set out to post encouraging thoughts three times each week. And, except for one week when I got behind, I did it. I appreciate hearing from some of you about how helpful and encouraging these emails and blog posts are! And if you’ve just recently joined us, welcome!

Ultimately, whether you write devotional content, fiction, or nonfiction, writing is a form of storytelling. It’s being brave enough to believe you have something worth sharing, then doing what it takes to share it.

I’ve recently learned a valuable lesson about myself when it comes to the idea of sharing what’s on my heart. In a conversation with a close friend, I realized I have a tendency to allow my fear of being perceived in the wrong way to prohibit me from sharing at all. If I sense that what I have to share could come across as arrogant, condescending, or the like, I have a tendency to not say it at all. That realization has opened my eyes to a thought I want to pass on to you:


We all have unique experiences, vantage points, insights, and ideas that are worth sharing (some more than others).

If God has changed your life, it’s our responsibility to speak up about what He has done. You should live it, but you should also talk about it!

We all have spheres of influence and God-given skill sets with which to share our stories.

God changes lives.

You are the proof.

Speak up about what God has done!

And while you’re sharing what is on your heart – in person or in writing – do it with humility and always make sure God is the hero of your story!


To celebrate a year of blogging, I want to give YOU the gift!

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