In John 8, Jesus said if we abide in His word, we will know the truth and the truth will set us free. Right there is the equation for spiritual freedom, so let’s work backward to see how it works… You become free by knowing the truth; you know the truth by abiding in the word; and you abide in the word through strategy and sacrifice.

Luke 10 gives us a good example of how this plays out in our lives. Jesus came over to Mary and Martha’s house, and Martha is busy in the kitchen while Mary camps out at Jesus’ feet to listen. We like to diss on Martha, distracted in the kitchen while we hail Mary as a holy hero for sitting with Jesus. Although in that one instance, they may have been a little unbalanced, it’s important to understand we need a blend of both Martha and Mary in our lives.

We need the get-to-work nature of Martha, serving and working hard to get things done.

We also need the pause-and-sit nature of Mary, soaking in time with Jesus.

There will always be things to do – many of them good – so don’t let the good things rob you of the best thing.

Our waking moments are often filled with Martha moments, where we need to get things done. In that case, we need to be strategic and sacrificial with Mary moments. In fact, I’d say that the more Mary moments you make, the merrier your moments will be!

If you want spiritual freedom, you need the truth, and if you want the truth, you need to abide in the Word. Abiding means making a choice of where your attention will go. It’s you saying, “For this allotted period of time, I’m going to do this one thing.”

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