The pages of Scripture have a pulse. From the first book to the last, the Bible tells a story about redemption through Jesus. It’s time we stop reading the Bible to learn about ourselves, and instead read it to learn about God. After all, He is the star of the story. As you read, if you learn to look and listen carefully, you can hear that Jesus is the heartbeat of God’s story. It turns out Jesus doesn’t just make a cameo in the Gospels; He’s in every book of the Bible.

Journey with me real quickly as we get a glimpse of Jesus in every single book of the Bible…

  • Genesis: the seed of the woman, the Creator & promised Redeemer
  • Exodus: the Passover lamb
  • Leviticus: the High Priest & the Lamb on the altar
  • Numbers: the cloud and the fire, the water and bread in the desert
  • Deuteronomy: the Prophet like Moses, He becomes the curse
  • Joshua: Commander of the Lord’s army, Captain of our salvation
  • Judges: the Judge and Lawgiver
  • Ruth: our Kinsman Redeemer
  • 1 Samuel: the Prophet, Priest & King
  • 2 Samuel: King of grace & love
  • 1 Kings: a Ruler greater than Solomon
  • 2 Kings: the powerful prophet
  • 1 Chronicles: Son of David coming to rule
  • 2 Chronicles: the King who reigns eternally
  • Ezra: the Priest proclaiming freedom
  • Nehemiah: the rebuilder of what is broken
  • Esther: protector of His people
  • Job: the living Redeemer and the Mediator between God and man
  • Psalms: the Lord who is our Shepherd, our song in the morning and night
  • Proverbs: the wisdom of God
  • Ecclesiastes: the meaning of life
  • Song of Solomon: the lover and the Bridegroom, the Author of faithful love
  • Isaiah: the suffering Servant
  • Jeremiah: the weeping Prophet, the righteous one wronged
  • Lamentations: the weeping Prophet
  • Ezekiel: the breath that brings life to the dry bones, the Son of Man
  • Daniel: the fourth man in fire, the Son of Man coming in the clouds
  • Hosea: the faithful husband, even when we are unfaithful
  • Joel: the one sending His Spirit to baptize His people with fire
  • Amos: the Burden Bearer and restorer of justice
  • Obadiah: the Judge of those who do evil and the One who is mighty to save
  • Jonah: the forgiving God, the greatest missionary
  • Micah: the Messenger who brings good news
  • Nahum: the Avenger of God’s Elect, our stronghold in the day of trouble
  • Habakkuk: the great evangelist, crying for revival
  • Zephaniah: the restorer of the remnant , the warrior who saves
  • Haggai: the cleansing fountain and signet ring
  • Zechariah: our humble King riding on a colt and the pierced Son
  • Malachi: the Son of Righteousness who brings healing
  • Matthew: the Messiah who is King
  • Mark: the Messiah who is a Servant
  • Luke: the Messiah who is a Deliverer
  • John: the Messiah who is God in the flesh, the Bread of life
  • Acts: the Ascended Lord, the Spirit who dwells in His people
  • Romans: the Justifier, the righteousness of God
  • 1 Corinthians: the last Adam, the resurrection
  • 2 Corinthians: the downpayment of what is to come and the God of comfort
  • Galatians: our liberty – the One Who sets us free
  • Ephesians: the head and unity of the church
  • Philippians: the joy of our life and the name above all names
  • Colossians: the fullness of the Godhead, supreme over all things
  • 1 Thessalonians: our comfort in the last days
  • 2 Thessalonians: our returning King
  • 1 Timothy: Mediator between God & man, and Savior of the worst sinners
  • 2 Timothy: leader of the leaders, pastor of pastors
  • Titus: the blessed hope, foundation of truth
  • Philemon: the friend, closer than a brother, our Mediator
  • Hebrews: the blood that washes away my sins, our High Priest
  • James: the great physician, the power behind our faith
  • 1 Peter: the Chief Shepherd, our hope in suffering
  • 2 Peter: the One who guards us from false teaching
  • 1 John: the source of all life
  • 2 John: God in the flesh
  • 3 John: the source of all truth
  • Jude: the foundation of our faith and God our Savior who protects us from stumbling
  • Revelation: King of Kings and Lord of Lords, Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End, the King who is coming again to make all things new and is Himself the light of heaven!

If you cut the Bible, it bleeds Jesus; and when they cut Jesus, He bled love. That is the pulse of God’s Word (see John 3:16).


K E V I N • M I L L E R

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