When you get home after a busy work day, work week, or season, what happens? Recliner? TV? Nap? Do you focus on getting some quality “me time”? There’s a time and a place for all of that, but what if we were more strategic in the limited time we have at home with our families?

As I read through 1 Chronicles recently, one verse jumped out at me…

Then all the people departed each to his house, and David went home to bless his household.

1 Chronicles 16:43 (ESV)

If you read 1 Chronicles 16, you’ll see it was a particularly busy season for David. He had just returned after rescuing the ark of the covenant, and was excited for it to be restored to its proper resting place. There was lots of action, long days and nights, and plenty of excuse for some “me time” when he finally made it back to home. But David went home with purpose: to bless his household.

Imagine if we went home that way!

What if, before walking inside to your roommate, kids, or spouse, you took a minute in the driveway and asked God to use you to bless your household?

What if you took a few minutes on your drive home to pray for your family?

What if, when you got home, your mindset was less “bless me” and more “how can I bless them”?

Imagine how things would change!

You’ve been blessed to be a blessing. Before you walk in the door next, pause and pray. It will change things, I promise.


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