I left early for church last Sunday to do some marching. I wasn’t working out my physical muscles; I needed to work out my spiritual muscles. Some land near our house just went on the market and I went to march and pray, seeking God’s direction and provision for our church.

The land I walked around is a long shot for us to get. It’s prime real estate, killer location, and exponentially outside of our price range. But that gets me excited because it sounds like the setup for a miracle!

I’ve gone back and prayed a couple times since then, and I’ll continue. I have no idea if that is land we will one day own so we can build a church building and reach more people, but I know God knows where our land is. Whether I have walked on it already, we are currently on it, or we haven’t yet found it, it’s always worth asking. I believe that no matter the price tag, God could provide it if He so desired.

Following Jesus is a constant blend of standing faithfully and stepping out full of faith. We have to stand faithfully where we are, using what God has given us as creatively as possible, meanwhile we should constantly be stepping out, asking Him for more. It’s the tension of being content with what our God-given resources, but never satisfied with our reach.

Here are two things for you to do today.

  1. Stand faithfully. Thank God for all He has done and provided, and ask Him to help you manage it wisely.
  2. Step out full of faith. Don’t just ask God for direction; ask for the impossible. So what if you’re standing on land God doesn’t plan on giving you! Maybe it was less about the location and more about taking the step.

You can definitely do both of those through prayer, but I’d encourage a physical step too. There’s something about changing up the scenery and asking God for the impossible that will stir your faith like nothing else can!


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