My heart behind the Awakened emails and blog posts is to send encouragement and truth to people right where they are. I know how timely the right words can be, and it’s been great to hear from some of you about how these words have spoken to you!

You hear from me all the time, so today I’d love to hear from you…

1) If you’ve been encouraged, let me know! Your words of encouragement keep me going and I’d love to pass them on to my team to encourage them as well!

2) What would you like to hear more about? Is there a topic, book of the Bible, or issue you’d like me to write more about? Controversial or not, let me know, and I’ll see how I can address it.

Whether you’ve been encouraged, you’d like me to write on a specific topic, or both, just comment on this blog post and let me know!

Here’s a quick reminder for you today…

God is not done with you. We start plenty of things that we never finish, but that’s not how God works. What He begins, He completes, in His timing. Trust His timing and His plan, and know that whether life feels good or things are lower than they’ve ever been, He has not abandoned you and He is far from done with you!

K E V I N • M I L L E R

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