I finished a Bible reading plan this weekend that took me through the whole Bible in a year. If you’ve never read through the Bible or at least the New Testament, I highly recommend choosing a plan from YouVersion and committing to it. When you get into God’s Word, it gets into you!

The final day of the reading plan had me read Malachi 3-4 and Revelation 22, the final chapters of the Old and New Testaments. I don’t know how many times I’ve read through the Bible now, but without fail, every time I turn the page after the final chapter of Malachi, the blank, white page that follows is sobering. Malachi was the final prophet before Jesus and after God spoke through Malachi, God went silent. For 400 years. After speaking to His people for thousands of years, God went silent for four entire centuries.

On that blank page in my Bible, here’s what I wrote…

“This blank page serves as a reminder that if I push God out, like Israel did, He will stop talking – like He did here for 400 years…”

God’s final words to His people in the Old Testament were words of rebuke with a glimpse at future hope and restoration. Israel had decided to do things their own way, and after thousands of years of trying to get their attention, God quit talking.

The longer we push our own agenda and simultaneously push God out, the closer we come to finding ourselves in the same boat as Israel at the end of the Old Testament. God wants to speak to us and guide us, but He won’t force Himself into our lives. He wants us to want Him.

If you’re in a season where God seems silent, know that it’s not Him who walked away. It’s you. That same God who went silent at the end of the Old Testament had a grand story of redemption in the future. That blank page in my Bible is sobering, but thankfully the story doesn’t end there. The next chapter is about Jesus!

No matter how far you’ve run or how much you’ve pushed God out, He still has a plan. Trust Him as you lean in and listen.

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