Growing up, I remember being told that if my clothes ever caught on fire, I should stop, drop, and roll. Thankfully I never had to practice that advice, but I’ve found it to be helpful wisdom for my daily relationship with God. Let me explain…

STOP what you’re doing and listen.

We get addicted to busyness and often begin to believe the lie that busyness is equal to holiness. On the contrary, although busyness isn’t innately bad, if we allow it, our busyness can easily distract us from our pursuit of holiness. We need to regularly (daily) make space and time to STOP and listen to the Holy Spirit as we pray and read God’s Word.

DROP what you’re trying to control.

Remote controls, cruise control, birth control… We are control freaks. We want Google Maps to give us turn-by-turn directions as well as our ETA so we know precisely when to leave Point A to get to Point B. God doesn’t work that way. We walk by faith, not by sight. Plan ahead, but DROP the controls and let God direct your steps.

ROLL wherever the Spirit leads.

I promise that as you STOP to listen and DROP what you’re trying to control, the Spirit will lead. Wherever He says to go is exactly where you’ll want to go. If it seems risky, outlandish, or outright dangerous (for instance, stepping out of a boat onto the Sea of Galilee in the middle of a storm or giving that much money or praying with that stranger), if God is calling, ROLL out!


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