the Lord knows how to rescue the godly from trials

2 Peter 2:9

This would be an encouraging verse all by itself, but it means even more when you know the context…

Peter has just been describing how God rescued Noah from the flood and Lot from the fire of Sodom. If God could instruct the building of a floating petting zoo to keep a dozen people and hundreds of animals from drowning in a worldwide flood, and He could send in angels to a city right before He burned it to the ground, I’m pretty sure He can rescue you too!

Whatever you’re drowning in, God can rescue you. It’s what He does. He sent His only Son to earth to rescue undeserving sinners in the midst of our sin.

If God hasn’t taken you out of your trial, it’s because He wants us to get something out of it. There’s a reason for it. He is perfectly able to pull you out of the pain, but until He does, He wants to speak to you through the pain.

The next time you find yourself in a trial, instead of asking God to get you out of it, ask Him (and keep asking) what He wants you to get out of it.

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