Jesus promised that when the Holy Spirit came, He would empower us to do greater works than the disciples had seen Jesus do. That is quite the promise! The problem is, although Jesus said His absence was to our benefit due to the coming of the Spirit, the Holy Spirit often is an untapped resource in our lives. We should rejoice in God’s presence in us, but let’s also ask for His power to be at work through us!

Periodically, fire authorities will set a controlled burn for a few specific reasons. The idea of a “controlled burn” has some important spiritual principles for us to learn from…

Fire fact: a controlled burn prevents more serious, hotter fires.

Spiritual lesson: The Spirit’s conviction can save you from condemnation.

According to Jesus in John 16:8, the Holy Spirit came to convict of sin, righteousness, and judgment. We all need to be convinced of our sin, God’s righteousness, and His power and authority to judge. The Spirit’s conviction can save us from condemnation only if it produces action in our lives. Feeling bad isn’t enough. Repentance is required.

Fire fact: a controlled burn destroys harmful fuels and reveals minerals.

Spiritual lesson: The Spirit reveals truth by removing lies.

As “the Spirit of truth,” the Holy Spirit guides us into all truth. We only need a guide when we are prone to wander or don’t know our way around. This is true spiritually because we don’t naturally seek the truth. Thankfully, if we will follow the prompting of the Holy Spirit, He will guide us away from deceit and to the truth!

Fire fact: a controlled burn stimulates renewal and growth.

Spiritual lesson: The Spirit stimulates growth by spotlight the Savior.

Since Jesus is gone and the Holy Spirit is here, why focus so much on Jesus now? Interestingly, one of the Holy Spirit’s main roles is to point us back to Jesus Whose work is about resurrection and renewal. Since the Holy Spirit came to keep our hearts aligned with Jesus, how are we doing getting acquainted with Jesus? It should be a high priority for us!

Everyone experiences the fire of the Holy Spirit, either internally or from a distance. The key is our response to it. It’s not enough to be near the Holy Spirit – He wants to be in us!

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