You’ve probably heard someone say, “the handwriting was on the wall.” The phrase means that the evidence is clear that the end is near. It’s a common phrase that stems from an interesting story in the Bible. In Daniel 5, as King Belshazzar throws a huge, drunken party, a hand appears on the wall and writes a message about the end of his kingdom. Daniel is called in to interpret the writing, and in the middle of his rebuke to the king, says an amazing phrase we can’t look past.

Daniel calls God “the God in whose hand is your breath.

What a clear reminder of the brevity of our lives! In Psalm 3, David writes, “I lay down and slept; I woke again, for the LORD sustained me.

Take a pause from reading this real quickly and thank God that He put breath in your lungs for at least one more day. You woke up this morning because the Lord sustained you. He is the God in whose hand is your breath.

Belshazzar’s kingdom was stripped from him because of his sin. One day our lives will be stripped from us as well – it’s just the result of living in a sinful, broken world. Belshazzar wasn’t ready, but we can be!

Breathe in deeply today and thank God for the breath in your lungs and the purpose He has for your life.

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