Last Sunday at Awaken, we had the honor of hearing from Pastor Jesse Lusko! Jesse was an 8th grade student in my youth group when I became the middle school Youth Pastor years ago. It’s been a joy to see him serve Jesus, lead with integrity, and push through some painful, challenging seasons with great faith. He and his wife, Bekah, are a fierce example of grit and perseverance. If you’d like to follow Pastor Jesse and his ministry, head over to for more.

For now, here’s a quick recap of his message…

Everyone worships something.

Your geography on a Sunday morning doesn’t necessarily have any connection with what or who you are worshiping. Whatever it is in your life that gives it meaning and that, if removed, would remove your purpose to continue to live, that is what you worship. “Secular” or “religious,” we are all worshipers.

Worship the thing and it will ruin everything.

Jeremiah 2 gives a heartbreaking example of God’s people who pursued empty idols and became empty themselves. That is the dangerous and unfortunate plight of idolatry. It leaves you hungry and thirsty for real life.

The Giver of all things gave up everything.

Never forget that the invisible God became visible. The Creator became a creation. The Maker of matter became matter. Some of Jesus’ final words from the cross were, “I thirst!” Jesus died in total thirst so we wouldn’t have to thirst again!

Worship the right thing and it will sustain you through anything.

There’s nothing wrong with having dreams, the problem is when your dreams have you. In that case, you’re only one breakup, car accident, or financial downturn away from disaster and a meaningless life. Pastor Jesse and his wife, Bekah, are currently walking through a season of their dreams being ripped away from them, but their faith in Jesus has given them an undercurrent of joy that is sustaining them through their worst nightmare.

K E V I N • M I L L E R

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