Today is our final installment of our series on the Awaken Code. I hope it’s been practical and powerful in your life. In this final post about the Awaken Code, we discuss the relentless pursuit of those who don’t know Jesus.

Code Pt 12

We never stop.

If Jesus hasn’t returned and our lungs still have breath in them, we refuse to sit back, slow down, or give up. We will keep going until every person has heard about Jesus.

We never stop” sounds unconditional, but it’s actually contingent on two things: 1) If Jesus hasn’t returned yet, and 2) Our lungs still have breath in them. Since you’re reading this, we can check off both of those boxes! As long as both of those are true, churches and Christians in general should never stop reaching more people with the Gospel! If either event happens, then – and only then – is stopping allowed!

Since we are not stopping, here’s what that means specifically…

We refuse to sit back. Christians should be anti-apathy. Apathy is the antithesis of faith, and it has never gotten anyone anywhere they wanted to be. Refusing to sit back looks like Peter stepping out of the boat when Jesus called him. Peter wasn’t content sitting back in the boat with the others – when Jesus called, he stepped out into the storm! We refuse to sit back and enjoy the ride when Jesus is calling us out of the comfort of the boat.

We refuse to slow down. This doesn’t mean we never take a break, just that we refuse to let laziness and comfort run our lives and cause us to miss opportunities. Just as Joshua and the Israelites didn’t slow down after walking around Jericho six times, we never know when victory is right around the corner. We could miss out if we slowed down! Again, this doesn’t mean we never rest. Resting is Biblical, healthy, and necessary to stay in this for the long haul.

We refuse to give up. Perseverance is required for many things, but especially for spiritual battle. There will be many times we want to give up, but that’s not an option. When Paul was attacked and left for dead outside of Lystra in Acts 14, he got back up and went back into the same city to encourage the Christians to keep pressing forward!

We will keep going until every person has heard about Jesus (or we die trying!). It’s always been and always will be about continuing on until every person has been awakened to new life in Christ…or we’ve died trying!

K E V I N • M I L L E R

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