Each Monday, we take a look at part of the Awaken Code, as it helps us not only unite as a church, but also live like Jesus. Today, we focus on using every opportunity possible to share the Gospel with people around us…

Code Pt 11

We use every platform possible.

We will harness technology, trends, culture, and any other platform available to preach the Gospel from. The methods are constantly changing, but the message never will.

We will harness technology because it’s a valuable, viable, far-reaching resource. Technology is one area that has significantly advanced since the Bible days. The Gospels and Acts were their versions of blogs and movies. Paul’s letters were his podcasts and his missionary journeys were his evangelistic tours. Think about the journey Paul’s letters went on: he wrote them while traveling or in prison, handed them off to someone, then they were taken for hundreds or thousands of miles by foot, animal, or ship, then circulated through churches, cities, and provinces. Quite the journey! If Paul would’ve had live-streaming capability, he wouldn’t have hesitated to use it. After all, we will be held accountable for what we have and how we use it (see Luke 12:48).

We will harness trends and culture because they make spiritual truths even more accessible. Jesus was a master at using parables, relating everyday things to the Gospel. Paul used the same trick in the city of Athens. They had an altar dedicated “to the unknown god,” so Paul used that as an open door to talk about God. He even used lines from their own secular poets to point to Biblical truths. That’s like quoting moves or song lyrics today, then tying them into the Gospel.

We don’t just harness technology, trends, and culture for the fun of it. We do so in order to preach the Gospel from them. If we don’t keep this as our why, we get in trouble. The goal is not just to speak the world’s language – it is to establish common ground and open deeper conversations. The goal should always be an in-road and on-ramp to the Gospel.

The methods are constantly changing, but the message never will. Everything in life changes – relationships, tastes, seasons, kids, clothing styles… Through every change, the Gospel remains constant. The Gospel is the Good News, but there’s good news about the Good News: we don’t have to make it relevant – it already is!

We should always be strategically looking for open doors to speak about and live out the Gospel. Jesus is the only name by which we can be saved, so let’s use every opportunity possible to speak Him into the lives of the people all around us.

K E V I N • M I L L E R

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