High-fidelity (HiFi) is an audio term that involves high-quality reproduction of sound with little or no distortion.

If followers of Jesus are amplifiers of the Gospel, our goal should be to remove anything from our lives that would distort our message. Paul’s life and ministry exemplified what it looks like to amplify the Gospel, but there are a few things we need to keep in mind…

Don’t let Satan silence your message.

When you step out in faith, you paint a target on your back. You can be sure there will be competing noise and opposition. Lean into Jesus, stay true to the message, and soldier on!

A life of integrity says more than words ever will.

Paul and his team were accused from every angle, and you will be too. Our goal should be to live lives of integrity so that accusations can’t stick. Let your life preach.

Who you aim to please determines how you live.

Paul was “approved by God” and set out “not to please man, but to please God.” Whatever the center of your bullseye is determines the way you live. Make sure you are aiming to please the right Audience.

Giving the Gospel is about giving your life.

Giving our all makes sense since we represent God who gave it all. A stingy Christian distorts the message about a generous God. Love people enough to give them the best two things you can give: 1) the gospel, 2) yourself!

High-fidelity is audio terminology, but interestingly, “fidelity” means “accurate or faithful.” That’s what high-fidelity living is all about – accurate, faithful living. Remove anything that would distort the message, then amplify Jesus as loud as possible to as many as possible!

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