In Mark 5, a man named Jairus approaches Jesus, begging Him to heal his daughter. As Jesus is on His way to the man’s house, He gets slowed down by a woman who is also in desperate need of healing. He heals her, but the delay causes the death of Jairus’ daughter. Tragic. Before Jesus is able to leave the woman, a man comes and tells them not to bother because the girl is dead. Of course Jesus goes anyway.

Jesus isn’t scared to walk into the most tragic, overwhelming circumstances in our lives.

By the time Jesus and his boys arrive on the scene, funeral preparations are being made and mourning is in full effect. Jesus has a different take on the scene, however. He tells them,

“The child is not dead but sleeping.”

Of course the crowd ridicules Jesus for such a preposterous statement, and of course, Jesus proves them wrong. Here’s the point…

What seems permanent to us is temporary to Jesus!

We are often so quick to “prepare for the funeral” when we should be preparing for a resurrection!

What are the things in your life that you’ve accepted as permanent that Jesus may want to resurrect?

Instead of preparing for a funeral, prepare and pray for a resurrection!

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