“Follow your heart!”

That’s pretty common advice you may receive from a well-meaning friend. The idea is, if you’re emotionally drawn to that relationship or decision, you should throw all caution to the win and dive in head first.

The Bible is quick to contradict that smooth-sounding advice by reminding us that “the heart is deceitful above all things and desperately sick.” It goes on to ask, “Who can understand it?” In other words, we don’t even know ourselves. You thought trying to figure out members of the opposite sex was tough…the Bible says you have yet to figure yourself out!

Numbers 15:39 takes it even further. The Jews were commanded to put a tassel on their garments that reminded them of God’s commandments, “not to follow after your own heart and your own eyes.”

We get in trouble when we follow our hearts because our deception is an inside job.

The heart of our problems is that our hearts are the problem.

We get in trouble when we allow our emotions to drive. We have to choose instead to allow God and His Word to drive – in everything: relationships, decisions, responses to our circumstances, and everything else.

Don’t trust your emotions and don’t follow your heart. Trust and follow God instead.

K E V I N • M I L L E R

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