God is always looking out for His people. Always. He often does it in very unconventional ways.

In 2 Kings 4, a widow approached Elisha in desperation. Her husband was dead, her money was gone, and the creditors were threatening to take her sons – the only things she had left. Elisha asked what she had in her house, and her reply was simple and honest: “Your servant has nothing in the house except a jar of oil.”

As the story goes on, it was that tiny leftover amount of oil combined with the widow’s faith that God multiplied and used to provide over and above for her and her sons.

Many times we think that for God to use us or provide for us, He will need to give us something we don’t yet have.

Maybe we need to take a second look at what we already have.

What if the only thing you have left is the only thing God needs?

God can use anything we place in His hands – a tiny bit of oil, a few loaves and fish, a couple widow’s mites, or whatever else. The key ingredient is faith.

Trust that God can use whatever you place in His hands. You’ll be amazed at how He combines the gift you give and the faith that accompanies it, and does what you and I would never be able to do!


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