You’ve probably been around someone who has a “victim mentality.” It’s draining. They have a list of excuses for everything, and nothing is their fault.

Biblically, if anyone had an excuse to live as a victim, it would be Joseph. Runt of the litter, hated by his brothers, sold into slavery, framed and falsely accused, unjustly imprisoned, and forgotten. What. A. List.

But Joseph didn’t live as a victim; he lived as a victor. And you can too.

Here are two ways Joseph teaches us to live in the “overwhelming victory” that is ours through Christ (Romans 8:37)…

  1. A victor mentality requires lavish displays of forgiveness and grace.

Joseph offered the best of the best to his brothers who had sold him into slavery two decades prior. That person who wrong you…said those hateful things…broke your trust…may not deserve your lavish displays of grace, but isn’t that what grace is all about? If you know grace, you should be known for grace. If you’re not known for grace, do you really know grace?

  1. A victory mentality requires trusting that God’s truth is greater than your truths.

Rising above a victim mentality does not mean diminishing your circumstances or the wrong that’s been done to you. Multiple times in conversation with his brothers, Joseph brought up that they sold him into Egypt and meant evil against me. Those statement were true, but the greater truth was that God had brought Joseph to Egypt and intended their evil for good.

Everything that’s true about you has a greater truth from God that overrides it…

Miscarriage may be true, but God’s presence in your life despite the absence of a child is a greater truth.

Divorce may be true, but God’s faithfulness to you despite broken vows is a greater truth.

Sin and failure are true of us, but God’s forgiveness and refusal to condemn is a greater truth.

Today can be your day to flip the script. Living as a victim is a choice. Choose instead to live in the overwhelming victory that is ours through Christ who loves us!



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