Normally when you say the phrase, “Living the dream,” it means life is looking good. Convertible top down, sunglasses on, living the dream.

Joseph’s life is full of dreams, but his story seems far from LTD!

However, if we will choose to live out 3 words Joseph embodied, we can live the dream even life feels more like a nightmare. Here they are…



Here are 4 times Joseph exemplified those words for us…

When it’s easier to focus on yourself.

Sometimes a pity party is completely justifiable, but we have to choose to serve. A great way to get your eyes off your pain is to get your eyes onto someone else’s pain. Use an open wound as an open door for you to speak hope.

When the results may not be good.

Joseph was faithful to deliver the truth, even when it hurt. In seasons and out of season, be faithful with the gifts and opportunities God gives you.

When things are taking longer than you planned.

It had to have been hard for Joseph to see people go in and out of prison while he stayed confined. Envying the “easy life” is a contentment killer. Trust that your pain is never wasted with God; it’s part of His work in you so He can do work through you.

When it would be easy to take the credit.

As Joseph stood in front of Pharaoh to interpret his dream, he could have used it to increase his own fame and power, but he took the opposite route. He pointed Pharaoh to God. Whatever your gift is, use it to make God famous, not yourself!

Choose today – in whatever season you are in – to remain prayerful, faithful, and available. You don’t need to wait around for a dream – you can be living the dream right now!


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