I grew up in New Mexico, so as my family and I drove around the city, the only things we would see crossing the roads were tumbleweeds and the occasional roadrunner. When we moved to Tennessee, however, we saw real wildlife all the time – raccoons, possums, turkeys, deer, and more.

For the first few years we lived in Tennessee, when we saw deer, it was a family event! We would stop the car, roll down the windows, and count and admire the deer. We loved it. But we’re eight years in now and the deer sightings have lost their excitement.

I’ve learned that the longer we see something, the more prone we are to lose the awe we once had.

What happened to us with the deer is a dangerous possibility when it comes to God. The more we see God move in and through us, the more prone we become to losing the awe of what God is doing…and that’s dangerous.

Don’t lose the awe. Fight to hold onto it at all costs.

Preach the Gospel to yourself and remind yourself where you used to be heading. Remind yourself of how undeserving you are and how faithful God is. Maybe even hit pause on your list of needs you’ve been telling God about, and just spend some extended time thanking Him for what He’s already given you.


K E V I N • M I L L E R

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