In Genesis 39, Joseph emerged victorious from a temptation that has conquered many: lust. So how did he do it?

In short, integrity. It’s not the outside that matters; it’s the inside.

Here are some tools that will help in the fight…

Resisting sin will cost you, but giving in will cost far more.

“Hell hath no fury like [Potiphar’s wife] scorned,” and Joseph felt that fury. His refusal of her sexual advances left him framed for rape and thrown in prison. You will either be the victim of your sin or the victim of your integrity. It will cost you either way. Your calling is worth the cost.

As long as you’re breathing, there’s a battle to fight.

Like sin, Potiphar’s wife was unrelenting in her propositions. As temptation ramps up, our opposition should too. Satan prowls like a lion, but Jesus is the Lion. Be strategic and trust His supernatural power.

Sin is never a private event.

God was with Joseph in Potiphar’s house, and also in Potiphar’s bedroom. There is nowhere you can escape the all-seeing eyes of God! No matter how good it sounds, sin always has collateral damage. Not only does God see everything, but others will be affected too. Unlike your calling, sin will never be worth the cost.

Burn the bridges!

Joseph’s final refusal came in the form of a sprint. Joseph reminds us that we have to get out before we’re tempted to give in! Similar to what they told you in school, when you feel lust starting to burn, stop, drop it, and roll out. After all, you can’t put a fire out if you’re fueling it; and you can’t kill lust if you’re flirting with it.

You have the weapons in your arsenal for temptation annihilation, but owning them is different than using them. Don’t mess around. This is life and death we are talking about. Kill sin before it kills you and those around you.

K E V I N • M I L L E R

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