Believe it or not, sequoia trees can teach us a lot about our faith. This is part 2 of a series of blogs on sequoias. Catch Part 1 here.

For a sequoia tree that is hundreds of feet tall to live thousands of years through some of the worst storms and natural disasters, you would assume their root systems are extremely deep. Amazingly, however, Sequoias that are hundreds of feet tall can survive in soil as shallow as three feet deep!

Although some sequoias have relatively deep roots, the secret to their strength isn’t found in the depth of their root system, but in the width. Since sequoias grow in groves, they take advantage of the proximity of the other trees and they intertwine their root systems for added strength.

Although going deep is important in our relationship with Christ, it’s not the only thing that’s important. It’s also important to go wide. We need a deep relationship with God and a wide-reaching relationship with His people.

Resist the urge to do life alone. Reach out. We need each other.

I know some people who could argue theology all day, but when life hits, they have no one to call. They’ve gone deep, but they haven’t gone wide.

What is preventing you from reaching out?

Go deep with God, but don’t neglect going wide in relationship with God’s people.

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