It’s #10 on God’s Top 10 list.

Thou shall not covet.

But what’s the big deal about wanting something I don’t have? It turns out there’s good reason for God to include coveting on His list of Commandments.

Coveting, or envy, is poison to God’s provision. Longing for what you don’t have makes you miss out on the blessing of what you do have.

Paul told the Philippian church, “I have learned in whatever situation I am to be content.” He learned to be content. He wasn’t given a magical gift or injection of contentedness – he learned it. It took time, patience, and perseverance to learn (and continue learning) to be content with what God had given him. It’s the same for us.

If you want to poison God’s provision, spend time dwelling on what you don’t have and envying those who have it.

If you want to cure envy – the incessant longing for what you don’t have – fight it with gratitude.

Honestly, there have been times where I catch myself getting sick of my own whiny prayers. It’s Biblical to ask God to meet your needs, but sometimes I need to hit pause on that and just thank Him for what He’s already provided!

The most effective way I’ve found to fight envy and discontent is with gratitude.

An attitude of gratitude has a healing effect on the heart.

Don’t stop telling God what you need, but even more importantly, thank Him for what He’s already provided!

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