Reaching out to people who don’t know Jesus is often one of the most intimidating parts of our faith. I get it. We are concerned about what people will do, think, or say. As much as we know not to let those things bother us, let’s be honest. They bother us.

However, I would submit to you that the risk is not in stepping out – the risk is in missing out.

Your obedience + God’s sovereignty is a setup for supernatural!

Acts 8 gives a great example of some of the strategy behind reaching out. In narrative form, we learn from Philip’s example as he responds to God’s direction in reaching out to a complete stranger cruising along in a chariot! It turns out, the whole thing was a setup!

Here are a couple things to remember when it comes to reaching out and speaking truth

Success is not about a huge audience; it’s about faithful obedience.

God sent Philip after one lost soul and He’ll send you after one lost neighbor or that one barista you keep running into who needs some hope. Don’t wait around for a giant crowd. Be faithful with whoever God brings into your path.

The step out enables the setup.

Had Philip not listened and obeyed, he would have missed out on the miraculous. Same with us. We need to make time to listen and be quick to respond.

Don’t obsess over what is not your job to produce.

Reaching out is our role. Responding is their role. Results are God’s role. You be faithful with your part and let God worry about the rest.


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