Hope in God; for I shall again praise him…

Psalm 42:5, 11, 43:5

We get in a bad habit of praising God only in the good times.

You got a pay raise at work? Praise God

Your son was healed? Praise God!

You remember the answers to the final you crammed for? Praise God!

But what about the other, far more common times in life? The not so good times. The outright terrible, painful times. Should we praise God then too?

That’s exactly what the authors of Psalm 42 are advocating. They were writing about seasons of life where they were in tears night and day (vs. 3), where their souls were poured out (vs. 4), and they were cast down (vs. 5). We’ve all been there at some point in our lives. Although tears are natural and we shouldn’t fight against them, praise can rise in the midst of our pain. Although you may not be thanking God for your pain, you should certainly thank Him in the midst of your pain and for what you believe God will use the pain to produce in your life!

So whatever season you’re in, praise Him again…

On a mountaintop?

Praise Him again!

In a valley?

Praise Him again!

Weren’t expecting that diagnosis?

Praise Him again!

Healed from a life-threatening disease?

Praise Him again!

In need of a breakthrough?

Praise Him again!

God provided miraculously?

Praise Him again!

Painful or pleasant, joy-filled or sorrowful, mountain top or valley…every season of life gives a reason to praise God again!


K E V I N • M I L L E R

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