Since my wife, Jenn, was 12 years old, she prayed she would be married to a pastor one day – a desire God must have placed in her heart. It is a role very few 12-year olds ask for, and something many women wish they were not in.

Her list for future husband prospects was pretty short, actually. It looked something like this:

✔️ Pastor

✔️ In a band

I like to think item #3 was “handsome,” but it’s not included on the list because I exceeded her expectations so much. I can neither confirm nor deny whether that is the actual reason for its absence.

If you’re curious about my band days, let me help: picture lanky, 6’5″ Kevin with a bass, rocking a puca shall necklace, with shaggy hair long enough to head bang. That’s a glorious mental image, isn’t it? Sometimes people find out about that time in my life and say, “I didn’t know you play bass!” I’m quick to clarify, “I playED bass. Past tense. I do not play bass.” Jenn loved it, but I’m over it.

Since October is Pastors’ Appreciation Month, I thought it would only be fitting for me to appreciate the woman who God uses to spur me on in my ministry and faith. Here are a few of the many things I love about Jenn…

She’s forgiving.

She forgives others quickly, but she’s had to forgive me way more. She is daily evidence of God’s grace in my life. God knew I’d need someone who is quick to forgive, so He made sure to pair me up with Jenn.

She’s compassionate.

The mercy she shows to those who are down-and-out and even for those who let her down or talked bad about her, is an example to all who know her. When I’m quick to dismiss someone or give up, her compassionate heart sets me straight and gives them grace.

She’s a leader.

People just want to follow Jenn. It’s natural. The thing that makes her leadership so contagious is that she is first a follower of Jesus. You can trust when you are following Jenn that you are following Jesus.

She’s a woman of integrity.

Jenn isn’t fake. She’s willing to have hard conversations, be real, raw, and honest, and be open about her weaknesses (She would say she has many weaknesses, but I recently asked her if she ever sins!). The Jenn you see on stage is the same Jenn who takes care of kids, cleans up messes around the church, and hangs out to talk with hurting people long after I’m ready to go.

She’s a fantastic mother.

I think one day they’ll get a glimpse, but for now, our kids have no idea how good they have it. She doesn’t whine about kids being out of school for a week or for the summer – she soaks that time in. Last year, she was planning  to go with about 14 of our staff and ministry leaders on a trip to Elevation Church. When she realized the trip was happening during Fall Break, she let someone else take her spot. Elevation Worship is one of her favorites, but our kids rank far above them! Every weekday as she packs lunches, she makes sure to include a special napkin note inside both girls’ lunch. She prays for our kids, doctors them up, and leads them well – both physically and spiritually.

(Use your best Alfalfa impression on this one…) “She is so beautiful, to me. She’s everything I longed for. She’s everything I need…”

I could keep gushing about her looks, green-chile-chicken-enchilade-making skills, joy-filled personality, ability to light up a room just by walking into it, and more, but all you have to do is get near her and you’ll find out what I’m talking about.

Here’s to you, Jenn!

Happy Pastor’s (Wife) Appreciation Month!

I love you.

(If you know my wife and agree with me on any of this, swing by her Facebook page and show Jenn some love!)