speakupPolitics. More like politic-ks people off. Rarely do you come across a topic as divisive and controversial as politics. Even if you can avoid discussing it with friends, you can’t avoid it on Late Night TV, Saturday Night Live, commercials, news, and even parades. Halloween stores are even loving the candidates. I read about one Halloween store manager who said, “Trump is the most costume-marketable candidate in history.”


So here we are. Trump and Hillary. And Johnson? And McMullin?

I won’t spend long on this topic, but I thought it was important to address since the voter registration date, October 11, is just a few days away, and I believe everyone, especially Christians, should register to vote. Let’s briefly address the why and how of voting.

The Bible details the sad history of Israel’s rebellion that led to their captivity. Although God knew their freedom would come a few decades later, He made it clear they were to engage in their culture. He told them a few things that are important for us today as well.

Be involved.

In Matthew 5, Jesus said we are the salt of the earth. When we think of salt, we think of seasoning and french fries. When Jesus spoke of salt, He spoke of preservation and faith. God has placed His people on the earth for such a time as this, in order to preserve the cause of the Gospel. (tweet this)

It’s easy, when looking at the potential candidates, to be tempted to bow out of this election. Millions of Christians do just that each election cycle. Millions of Christians who are eligible to vote never register. And of the millions who do register, millions of those don’t actually follow through with voting. It’s tragic when we refuse to speak up – for us and for our nation.

Human government was God’s idea, which makes it even more preposterous for God’s people to back out.

Go to vote.usa.gov OR rockthevote.com right now to register to vote. This blog will still be here. It won’t self-destruct. It will literally take you less than 60 seconds to fill out your information, then you simply print and sign a form, and mail it in. The entire process takes a couple minutes and it’s done.

If you’re not involved, get involved!

Be informed.

It’s important to know who you’re voting for and why. I’ve included some helpful links at the end of this post that will help you be informed. Let me remind you that unless Jesus were in the election, you probably won’t find someone you like 100%. Rarely (if ever) will a main party candidate meet all of your core convictions. What do you do? Be informed, then vote as close to your convictions as you can.

Remember, we’re voting for a CEO to run our country, not a Savior (we already have Him!).

There are hundreds of things we could discuss about who you should or shouldn’t vote for, but that’s a personal (and prayerful) decision each of us needs to make.

A few things to consider when choosing who you’ll vote for:

  • What are the values of the candidate’s running mate?
  • Which Supreme Court Justices is the candidate likely to appoint?
  • Is the candidate pro-life?
  • Is the candidate pro-Israel?
  • Is the candidate pro-traditional family?

Be in prayer.

Be vocal by voting on November 8, but please, more importantly, be vocal by praying constantly. Our country is in need of God’s intervention now more than ever before!

Helpful Resources

My pastor, Skip Heitzig, taught a great message on this topic just a few weeks ago called Christians and Politics. It’ll take you 37 minutes to listen to and will give you a clear Biblical perspective on the why and how of getting involved.

As for being informed, Ed Stetzer has a great blog series going on the topic, Evangelical Views of the 2016 Election. They’re full of lots of good info about the candidates:

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