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Nehemiah 10 begins as one of those chapters you skip over or at least skim through. The first 27 verses is just a list of 84 names. Although not invigorating, it is important and something we can learn a lot from.

These 84 Jewish leaders were so serious about their choice to obey the Lord that they were willing to put their name on it. Their obedience was a personal decision, but they were going public with it. Publicity creates the opportunity for accountability.

“Accountability” and “accountability partner” are a couple words or phrases you’ll hear if you hang around Christian circles for any length of time.

“Accountability partner?” What is that? It’s simple. Just go to AccountabilityPartnersRus.com and create a free online profile to be “partnered up” with someone who sins the same as you!

(I wouldn’t be surprised if something like this actually exists.)

“Accountability” is something many Christians talk about, less know how to define it, and even fewer take seriously enough to invest in. And by “invest,” I don’t mean monetarily. I mean with your time.

When you boil it down, accountability is simply inviting other voices into your life to influence you. Accountability involves surrounding yourself with people who are influenced by God and who will influence you toward God. (tweet this)

Accountability can only happen intentionally by invitation. It involves trust, commitment, and personalization. This is why, when people ask me to hold them accountable, I say “no” much more than I say “yes.” Like any person, my bandwidth is only so big, and the amount of people I can actively communicate with, pray for, and walk with is very small. I have a handful of guys in my life that I have this relationship with, and in this case, small is best. We all need people in our lives who know us and with whom we can be honest.

The names in Nehemiah 10 remind us of the importance of accountability. These leaders were serious about their decision to obey the Lord. Serious enough to let others know.

Many of us have some good ideas and intentions about the future and our relationships with the Lord, but have you told anyone about it? After all, how can someone help you achieve a goal they aren’t aware you’re aiming for?

Years ago I had a friend who I found out was on a diet, so I asked him about it. He immediately got defensive and told me, “I don’t want accountability for it. If I want to be on it, I will. If I don’t, I won’t.” Would you be surprised if I told you he didn’t stick to it?

Anyone who is serious about obedience needs accountability. We need voices in our lives who are first influenced by God and then seek to influence us toward God.

Who have you invited into your life?

Are you honest with them and can they be honest with you?

If you don’t currently have someone you can be real with, what is stopping you?