freeresourcesIf it’s free it’s for me! (Unless it’s anything from Taco Bell, then I’ll pass.)

Last week on my blog, we discussed the importance of numbers and statistics in the ministry realm. It doesn’t make you “more holy” if you don’t count people, attendance, baptisms, etc.; it probably makes you less organized and unprepared to use your resources to their fullest potential. But that was last week’s blog…

One of the tools I mentioned in that blog is Church Metrics – a FREE tool that we use every single week all throughout the week. This week, I thought it might be helpful for some churches, pastors, or ministries if I highlight some of the FREE tools we use at Awaken. So I asked some of my staff to send me some ideas. Here are some of their recommendations…

Church Metrics (stats and numbers)

Church Metrics is one of a host of FREE resources on the Life.Church Open Network. Not only are they one of the most generous churches around today, but they’re also extremely creative, diverse, and they do things with excellence.

We use Church Metrics throughout the week every week to count a bunch of things: weekly attendance – adults and kids in each venue, Awaken Groups attendance, baptisms, faith decisions, special event stats, and more. You can run reports, see charts and graphs, and lots more.

YouVersion Events

The YouVersion Bible app has been installed on almost 240 million unique devices (let that number sink in real quick), so I don’t need to tell you about that. One of their new features, however, is Events. Each week at Awaken, we create an Event that allows us to put service times, locations, message title, notes, and the Scripture text we’ll be studying. People can find it based on location and follow along during the message. Genius.

Social Media

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat – at Awaken, we view them as the front porch to our church. If it’s warm, inviting, and clean, people will be much more prone to come join us one Sunday. If it’s cluttered and outdated, they may never show up. Social media is how many people are interacting for the first time with churches these days. That’s why we insist on our social media (and website) being done with excellence.

In addition, Facebook Live and Instagram stories have opened all new ways to interact with people in the social media world they already live in!

Asana (Task Management)

Asana allows tracking and management of an array of projects and tasks that are happening simultaneously. Assign projects and tasks to specific people or teams on specific dates, attach files and pictures, track progress, and a million more things! Our team uses Asana constantly for designing, message slides, event preparation and planning, and much, much more.

Tech Soup

Tech Soup is a nonprofit organization that helps other nonprofits receive donations and very low cost tech resources (Operating Systems, different types of software, discounted and free hardware like laptops, tablets, routers, switches, access points and more). Our IT guru at Awaken tells me he uses this often!

Spotify (music)

Although Premium accounts are paid, the free version is available for anyone to use. The obvious use is for playlists before and after service or during an event (although, watch out for the commercials on the free version), but another way to put Spotify to use for your church is to post worship set lists as a new playlist each week. This way, when people hear a song they loved during your worship set, they can find out what the song was and add it to their own playlist to continue the worship during the week!

Here are a few more FREE resources we use that you may find helpful…

Wufoo (online form builder)

YouTube Live (live-streaming)

Mailchimp (newsletters)

What do you use to stay productive?

Let me know in the comments!