Today, September 19, 2016, Awaken Church turns 7 years old.

Happy Birthday to Awaken Church!

Someone asked me the other day if we have a slogan for Awaken’s 7th birthday party. I said, “More in heaven ‘cause we’re 7”?! I don’t know. Besides “Kevin” and “heaven,” it’s hard to rhyme with “seven.”

In the Bible, 7 represents spiritual perfection or completeness, so we embraced the fact that as individuals and as a church, we are completely incomplete! We are complete in Christ, but our work on Earth is incomplete. We want to be a church with unbridled obedience, obeying even the slightest glance from the Lord (Psalm 32:8-9).

At the rate Awaken is growing, we realized this year was a once-in-a-(church) lifetime opportunity for us to get everyone together for one giant outdoor church service in Riverside Center. If we get everyone together again, it won’t be in Riverside Center – we won’t fit!

So we seized the opportunity, and I’m so glad we did! Not only did we have 700+ people in Riverside Center, but we celebrated with 30 people as they went ALL IN for Jesus through baptism!

It was pretty surreal to realize that 6 1/2 years ago, the same ground where we set up a pool and baptized people, got baptized by the Cumberland River when we lost everything in the flood! The fact that Awaken Church still exists is proof that God isn’t finished!

You can listen to or watch the message on the Awaken archive.

Here are some of our favorite stats as we look back over an amazing 7 years…


And here’s a look back on an incredible day of celebration…