coming outComing out.

Headlines everywhere cover the stories of athletes, musicians, and many others who stand up against social biases and hate and “come out” as gay. They are viewed as heroes, heralding the cause of anti-hate, tolerance, and human equality.

This weekend at Awaken, we discussed the topic of coming out.

However, instead of hearing it from me, a Christian male heterosexual, I thought it best to hear from someone who has “come out” already. Not once, but twice!

Patti Height came out for the first time as a teenager, embracing a homosexual lifestyle along with drugs and alcohol. But in 2003, she came out again. Not as a homosexual, but out of homosexuality and into the forgiveness and grace of Jesus Christ.

She now speaks all over the country, sharing her story and pointing to the hope of the Gospel. Swing by her website at

Whether you are gay, lesbian, attracted to the same sex, or know of anyone who is, please make time to watch or listen to Patti’s message on the Awaken teaching archive. She shares her story as well as some practical thoughts on how we as Christians can reach people who need Jesus.

I listened to her message 3 times and got more out of it each time. Here are some of my favorite quotes:

“Just because I felt free doesn’t mean I was free. What I thought was freedom was actually bondage.”

“Just because I was gay doesn’t mean I was an atheist. I just didn’t know who God was.”

“God was present with us [Patti and her girlfriend] there in our lesbian bedroom. There is nowhere you can escape from God’s presence!”

“God has not called you to fix anyone. He’s called you to share the gospel with people.”

“Talk to them about who Jesus is before you talk to them about who they are.”

“They need to hear about the love of Christ before they hear the law of Moses.”

“Don’t let the fact that they’re gay intimidate you into sharing the gospel with them in a different way.”

“We are all the same. We are just broken in different ways.”

She also shared 7 practical thoughts on sharing the Gospel with a gay person (but these principles apply to anyone):

  1. Let them know there’s only one God.
  2. Let them know God is perfectly holy & perfectly just.
  3. Remind them that God is the Creator of all things including us, and He created us with a purpose.
  4. Remind them that God loves them with an everlasting love and that they cannot be separated from God’s love.
  5. Show them that we all have the same original sin which separates us from God: pride.
  6. Tell them they don’t have to stay there and that repentance leads to life.
  7. Share your experience of turning to Jesus with them.