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8_walkinginfearUnless you’re into high end fashion statements, the phrase “Fear of God” probably isn’t real attractive. And rightfully so. To us English speakers, “fear” means being afraid of something. Haunted houses. Sad clowns. Those freaky animatronic robo-animals on the stage at Chuck E. Cheese. You know what I mean.

When Nehemiah tells the people they ought to “walk in the fear of our God” in Nehemiah 5:9, he’s not thinking of Chuck E. Cheese (thank God!). He has something entirely different in mind.

Timothy Keller writes about the fear of the Lord in his book, The Meaning of Marriage:

“Fear in the Bible means to be overwhelmed, to be controlled by something. To fear the Lord is to be overwhelmed with wonder by the greatness of God and His love. It means that because of His bright holiness and magnificent love, you find Him fearfully beautiful…. Fearing before Him means bowing before Him out of amazement at His glory and beauty.”

Here are a couple things to keep in mind when it comes to walking in the fear of God…

Walking is slow and steady.

I was using Google maps to navigate as I walked around Washington D.C. a few weeks ago. When it came time to drive home, I put in my home address and it told me it would take 10 days to get home…by foot.

We don’t like walking because it’s slow. It’s the same spiritually. We want to just get on with the whole “heaven” and “eternal life” thing already. That day will come, but for now, “walk” is a great description of right now. It’s daily, it feels slow, and it requires consistency.  Stay at it. It’s not about who gets there first. It’s about consistency.

When you fall, get back up!

Falling down while walking isn’t only reserved for babies who are learning balance. It’s happened to the best of us, sometimes at very inopportune times. Spiritually, it happens too. We’ve been consistently putting one foot in front of the other for quite awhile, then something trips us up. Your temper flared up. Your eye followed that girl longer than it should. Your pride got the best of you.

When you fall (not if – WHEN), get back up. Own your failure. Make it right. Dust yourself off, and get back up.

God’s reputation is at stake in our lives.

Nehemiah told the Jews that they should walk in the fear of God to avoid being mocked by their enemies. God’s reputation was on the line because He was the one who commissioned them to build the wall.

Have you ever realized that you’re a small part of a much bigger picture? Sometimes we need to zoom out and get a better look at the big picture.

The world is waiting for us to fail. Remember what’s at stake and don’t let anyone or anything stop you from moving forward.

Keep walking. We’ll rest in heaven!