In a world where everyone blends in, VIVID is a call to stand out.

For years I’ve felt a burden to strategically reach the upcoming generation with a message of hope about life, sex, and eternity. The time has finally come.

I’d like to introduce you to VIVID…

vividWe aren’t pretending to start a conversation about a subject no one is discussing. Instead, we want to bring the conversation into its appropriate context. Sex is not a bad thing; it’s a good thing. In fact, it’s a God thing. He created it and is glorified by it in its appropriate context. The danger is that many people, like myself, have removed it from its context and are dealing with the devastating results. God help us if we leave the conversation about people’s lives and sex lives in the hands of the public school system!

VIVID is a message of hope – prevention for some; restoration for others.

The first-ever VIVID event is slated for Saturday, August 27 from 5:00-8:30pm at Awaken Church. It will be complete with snacks, inflatables, giveaways, an exclusive line of VIVID merch, a pre-party at 4:00pm, as well as a parent & youth leader event at 4:15-4:45pm. The night will center around music from Awaken Worship, performances by Levi The Poet, and 2 messages of hope that I will give on the topics of life, sex life, and afterlife.

Session 1 will be a call to faith in Christ and a clear description of how God designed us to have a vivid life and afterlife. We have to start there because who cares if you’re sexually abstinent and heading to hell? Session 2 resumes with a message about how to have a vivid, God-honoring sex life, complete with an opportunity to commit to sexual purity. This session will also feature a live Q&A panel with some special guests.

VIVID is not only an outreach to hundreds, it’s a very personal event for me. It’s a platform and opportunity for God to redeem my failures and past. God, in His grace, is allowing me, of all people, to be a voice of hope, like I needed when I was a teenager. This is something I’ve prayed for and dreamed about for years, and I’m excited that the time is finally here.

You can get all the info you need about the event on the Vivid website:, but I want to briefly highlight a few ways you can partner with us:


Soon, we will roll out an option to join the VIVID prayer team to receive periodic prayer updates as we build up to the event. Whether you signup for the prayer texts or not, as this event comes to mind, pray for the administration, details, funding, and the hundreds of young people who will be in attendance. Pray that God does something supernatural and eternal that day!


We’ve budgeted $12,000 for this event. That’s pocket change for God and His people. If you feel led to contribute $12, $1,200, all $12,000 or any other amount, giving to VIVID is super simple:

  • Text vivid and the amount (example: vivid 500) to 931-444-5143, then walk through a couple steps to confirm your payment.


If you’re in the Clarksville area (or want to make the trek to join us), there are lots of opportunities to be part of the team that makes this event happen (we’ll even give you a free shirt, just for serving!)! Click here to sign up to help with setup, tear down, merch sales, parking, and more!

Make sure connect with VIVID on social media @vividislife:

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Here is Levi The Poet’s most recently released music video. Enjoy!